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Antimicrobial Microfiber Cloth

Kills bacteria when used damp with water. Antimicrobial Silver-Embedded Microfiber towels make a great choice for the dairy industry! Size: 12" x 12" Can be laundered and reused - do NOT use bleach and/or fabric softener.

10″ Microfiber Handheld Pad Holder

Great tool for washing windows, wiping down cafeteria tables or walls. Use with MICO1-10 microfiber pads. Holder has large Velcro area to hold pad tight. Also has a built in scraper edge.

Angle Broom Black With Black Metal Handle

These long-lasting brooms will help keep your floors clean of dirt between moppings. The metal handles come with a hanging loop to help keep the weight of the mop from stressing the bristles.

Screw-On Wet Mop Handles

Use with screw on wet mops. Choice of 60” hardwood, 54” hardwood, 60” black plastic coated steel handle.

EasyTwist Wet Mop Handles

High impact plastic locking-thread-cap. Choice of 54” hardwood, 60” hardwood, 54” fiberglass, or 60” black plastic coated steel handle.

Jaws Wet Mop Handles

High impact plastic jaw. Ideal for wide mesh head band mops. Lightweight. Choice of 60” hardwood, fiberglass or black plastic coated steel handle.

Springer Wet Mop Handles

Wide grip spring action. Used with wide or narrow band mops. Hardwood handle. Material: Wood / Size: 1 1/8" x 62 1/2"