After Each Use
•Rinse a wet mop with clean water and wring it out thoroughly.
•Take a dust mop head and shake, vacuum, or brush it as necessary to completely remove the large particles that cling to it.
•Launder all mops at needed.

Directions for Laundering
•Put dust mop heads in a netted bag
•Wash in hot water (160 degrees) without bleach or fabric softener for 20 minutes.
•Never use fabric softener on a “Microfiber” product

Storage of Your Mop
Your mop will last longer if it is thoroughly dried and stored in a dry area. When laundered, dry completely at less than 150 degrees for approximately 18 minutes without fabric softener sheets. Whether cleaned after a use or fully laundered, always hang a wet mop so that fibers face DOWN in a dry area.

Mop Wellness
Mops deteriorate more quickly when they are used inappropriately when used with excessive amounts of bleach or detergent when over washed or washed or dried in excessive temperatures.

For any of these reasons, or simply when a mop has been used so long that its weight is only 75% of its original weight, it is time for a replacement. Otherwise, it will take you 1/3 longer to get the job done.

Dura-Lon Yarn Dust Mops
Dura-Lon yarn launders and dries in half the time of cotton yarns. Simple hand washing with a cold water rinse and drip drying will be enough in most cases. If mops are machine laundered, follow the label directions except do not remove mops from laundry nets when tumble drying.
Dura-Lon dries quickly. Use lower temperatures and reduce drying times. Bleach will cause severe weakening and deterioration. The use of fabric softeners is NOT recommended.