“Working to make a difference” is the standard that Algoma Mop Manufacturers has embraced with pride since its inception in 1926. Employing 30 workers, the company is the state’s largest mop manufacturer, producing over 200 types of mops – many of which are customized to client specifications.

East Shore Industries, Inc., a nonprofit rehabilitation center that offers programs and services for individuals with disabilities, acquired Algoma Mop Manufacturers in 1981. The company helps individuals overcome barriers to work and modifies work-stations allowing them to perform job tasks. The company credits its employees with putting Algoma Mop on the map – earning nationwide contracts and producing products that are known for their excellent quality.

In recent years, Algoma Mop has enjoyed robust and steady growth. The company’s products have become extremely competitive within the janitorial, maintenance and food service industries. The company has successfully expanded its territories boundaries outside Wisconsin, reaching a customer base of over 600 companies from coast to coast.

In addition to manufacturing mops, the company produces dust mop oil treatments and provides accessories such as microfiber pads and cloths, hardware, handles, and frames.