EarthKleen Looped End Wet Mops

Our eco-friendly EarthKleen Wet Mop is made with 100% recycled yarn. • Looped-end mop made with environmentally friendly GreenTex yarn. • GreenTex yarn is made with 100% Certified Recycled Fibers of pure green PET plastic bottles and post-consumer rayon/polyester. • Can be laundered and reused. Air dries 100% overnight. • Absorbs over 5 times its weight. • Releases nearly 40% in the wringer. • Head band: 1-1/2" Narrow or 5" Wide • Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

Economy Looped End Wet Mops

Made with a blended yarn, these economy priced mops work great at getting the job done at a low price. Made with blended yarn. Looped end and launderable. Choice of head bands: Narrow or Wide vinyl coated mesh. Choice of yarn colors: White, Blue, Green. Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

Endurance Looped-End Wet Mops

Our Endurance Looped End wet mops are made to last. Constructed with one continuous strand of yarn, they are the most durable mops on the market today. Made from 4-ply synthetic blend yarn. Looped ends resist tangles and frays. Can be laundered for maximum product life. Durable vinyl-coated polyester mesh center band available in wide or narrow.

Flat Duster

This square duster is made from 4-Ply Cotton blend yarn and can be laundered. This mop is ideal for both office and industrial use. Use with frame and handle #4050.

Flat Finish Mops

Our Flat Finish Mop allows even inexperienced operators to have a smooth floor without unsightly bubbles. This mop allows a more controlled even application meaning thinner coats, faster drying times and less wasted finish. Made from white, no lint monofilament yarn. Looped ends resist tangles and frays. Requires no mop bucket or special finishing systems. Designated to fit any standard 5” wide dust mop handle. Laundering not required - just rinse in cool water and drip dry. Sizes available: in 5” width and 12”, 18”, 24”, 30” or 36” length.

GreenLoop 50% Microfiber Dust Mops

The Microfiber Blend Dust Mop is made with synthetic blend yarn with looped ends to allow for more effective dry mopping. Made with microfiber synthetic blend yarn. Can be laundered and reused. Air dries 100% overnight. Available in Slot Pocket style. Sizes available: 5” width ranging from 12” to 72” in length. Wedge style also available.

Infinity Twist Dust Mops

The patented Infinity Twist cotton yarn won't fray or unravel. This mop is effective for normal industrial use. It comes pre-laundered and ready to use. Comes pre-laundered and ready to use. Three bottom rows of yarn effectively pick up dust and grime. Strong synthetic backing lasts through mop life. Available in keyhole with ties or slot pocket. Date coded to prove long life. Can be laundered and reused.

Microfiber Looped End Wet Mop

If a highly-launderable, super absorbent mop is what you need, look no further. This mop offers superior on-the-floor performance with minimal lint residue. The microfiber also helps to reduce bacteria left on the floor. Made from super absorbent microfiber and constructed from high-quality materials.