Dust Mops

Professional Dust Mops Natural Superset Yarn and Color Backing

Our Professional Dust mops are constructed for intensive laundering and use. These high performance dust mops are pre-laundered and ready to use. Available in three styles: Keyhole Square End, Keyhole Round End, Slot Pocket. Constructed for intensive laundering and rigorous use. Factory pre-laundered and ready-to-use. Tough polyester twill backing won't shrink and is dye-fast Tufted superset yarn (75% cotton / 25% poly) virtually eliminates yarn frazzle and untwisting. HS yarn is not dyed and is only available in natural color. There is a choice of colored twill backing: blue, green, orange, yellow, red, white. SS yarn is dyed. The yarn and twill backing colors are blue, green, orange, red, yellow.

Split Duster

Our Split Duster is ideal for cleaning pipes, air vents and other hard to clean surfaces. Split duster is made from 4-Ply cotton blend yarn. Can be laundered and reused. Use with frame and handle #4050.

Wedge Mops

Our Wedge Mop is ideal from smaller rooms or smooth areas under furniture. 1010 Tufted natural cotton blend yarn. Backing choices: blue, red, yellow, orange or white. 1010HS Version of the 1010. Ideal for multiple laundering. 1020 Sewn colorfast synthetic yarn. Choice of backing and yarn color: blue, green, yellow, orange or white

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